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In case you haven't noticed, one of my other main interests, in addition to making MIDI music, is writing. My newest project, an on-line MIDI sequencing workshop, CAKEWALKIN'...THE EASY WAY, provides me with an outlet for both. It's a series of articles with screen shots about learning to work with Cakewalk Professional for Windows 3.01, and, as requested by the folks at SBDI, Part 1 of the workshop starts on a beginner's level. I've done my best to make CAKEWALKIN'... entertaining as well as informative, so I hope those of you who are old pros at cakewalkin' will enjoy it too !

The current part of my workshop, Part 6 - "Introduction to GM Drums & Percussion" is now on-line in Issue No. 47 of SBDI, the new WWW on-line multimedia magazine !

BTW, don't worry if you missed any previous parts of CAKEWALKIN'...THE EASY WAY.
They're all accessible on-line over our SBDI Cake Index.

In addition to this, in compliance with many readers' requests, I'm making all parts of the workshop available as .zip files, so you can download them for off-line reading:

About SBDI...

SBDI is an Italian-based multimedia e-magazine, that's been published on FIDO-Net since about 5 years. Now SBDI is being published in English (as well as in the original Italian) on the WWW. Since the English version of SBDI is a new project, there are just a few English articles, but more will follow soon !

SBDI features articles about a wide variety of multimedia-related subjects...MIDI, music in general, graphics, hardware, software, Internet, etc. The articles are enhanced by graphics (photos and screenshots), and MIDI files.

SBDI's editor, Enrico Martines, is sysop of the SBDI BBS in Rome. VOL (Video On Line), the biggest Internet provider in Italy has been kind enough to donate their services to make SBDI accessible over WWW.

Enrico and all the other staff members are great people, devoting their time and energy to SBDI free of charge, just for the love of doing it. :-) It's a pleasure to work with them all, and I consider myself very lucky to have recently become a member of the SBDI editorial staff. :-)

BTW, SBDI is still looking for additional English-speaking authors, so if any of you would like to contribute English articles on multimedia-related subjects to SBDI, you can drop Andrea Plini or Giorgio Pompei an e-mail and let them know that you're interested.

If you have a chance, please drop by SBDI and check out CAKEWALKIN'...THE EASY WAY,
and the rest of SBDI too !!! :-)

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Betty Kainz

Vienna, Austria on October 10, 1996

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